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Donator Win,Buy,Get Free. Empty Donator Win,Buy,Get Free.

Post by FHF|GoODLike on Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:39 pm

Want  get  donator? You can get  Donator  only  you have  3 chanses get donator :
1.Buy donator for  2$   Skype > vlad.goo_krish
2.Win donator - If you're going in the first place until the end of the week, 1 rank, rank 1 will be on the weekend and Receive Free donator 1 week + 70K
3.Get donator For Free - Call  10 players on our server, and  get donator on 1 week + 70k  for free ))
                                                                          Good Lucky guys!)

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