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Post by FHF|GoODLike on Wed Jul 22, 2015 3:55 pm

1.Guys  if anyone want  get donator,you can or buy  donator  skype > vlad.goo_krish ( 2$ donator on 1 Week +  655k)
2.if  you havenot  money for   this  time and you  want  Donator so    I have good news guys Wink you can  call 10 players on our  server and  Get Donator on 1 Week!
If you called  10 players  so  you can  create new  topic here what you  called  10 players and they need here  write what  yes you called them.
3.if you are up to the end of 1 week to 1 place that you won donator 1 week Wink

You can donate here

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